Ragnar And Juliet

Ragnar And Juliet - Lucy Woodhull I'm so glad I read this. It was hilarious! I think my favorite part was the introduction of the king, which won't spoil anything for you:

“All Hail King William the Nefarious, King of New Los Angeles, descendant of Michael the Sleepwalker." He paused and consulted a flash card. He cleared his throat and continued, even more lustily than before. “King William the Nefarious! Who singlehandedly defeated the slobs on New Cleveland at basketball, lo these past five years. King William the Nefarious! Who smites his pathetic enemies in twain with his mighty Axe of Virility. King William the Nefarious! Who—”
“Is definitely compensating for something,” Ragnar whispered.
“King William the Nefarious! PhD in Sports Psychology. King William the Nefarious! Even more nefarious than some who might call themselves nefarious, but who are markedly less nefarious than King William.” He puffed and panted from all his speechifying.
Ragnar and Juliet clapped politely, unsure of what else to do.
“Thank you,” he wheezed. “The king wrote that himself.”
“You don't say?” Ragnar’s tail twitched.

And it got so much funnier when King William actually came out and started scratching his crotch with his scepter. Good stuff, man. Good stuff.