Dual Image

Dual Image - Nora Roberts Oh 1980s... *sigh* How sweet you are. Things were so much simpler back then. The prose is a little purple when it comes to the sex scenes - waves crashing, galaxies being formed and weird shit like that. But it was sweet and sensual, so it worked. The characters were really interesting. Ariel was effervescent and I adored her. I wish she had opened up a bit to Booth about her drama, but otherwise she was exactly the type of character I was looking for in a lighthearted read today. I have a girl-crush on her. Booth was a great balance of shadow and order, totally brooding and angry about having pesky emotions. Ariel and Booth sizzled together. I really liked the scenes they shot for the soap opera and movie. Little subplots entertained but didn't take away from the story. I only wish we got to find out whether or not the movie was a success. An epilogue would have been nice. Otherwise, this was a fun read that gives me faith in other older novels by Nora Roberts.