Binding Magic

Binding Magic - Viola Grace I feel like this is the right length of book for this author. Sometimes she kicks out a novelette at 60 pages and it feels like boilerplate. I find I much prefer this novella length from her - I enjoy her stories so much, the novelette length just doesn't do them justice with so few pages.

This series in particular is great! #s 4-7 have been some of this author's best work, and I say that having read everything she's published. Everything. Her Terrans and aliens hold a special place in my heart, but I'm loving this focus on magic so much.

And I'm enjoying it enough to forgive the fact that Minerva is a God-Mode Mary Sue. She's tall, strong, beautiful, hypernova powerful, can do anything, blah blah blah. But you know what? I don't even care. She was great. Her dragon-mate was great. It's always fun to see the Grangers again. And honestly, her origins story was fucking awesome. You could seriously run an entire series of books off that shit. I thought there was an opening to continue Minerva's story in another book. I mean, how could you create all that power and not really use it much? But it looks like the next book will be about another character so *fart noise*.

I'll read it. Obvs.