Hunter - Healer

Hunter - Healer - Lilith Saintcrow SEVEN DOLLARS FOR A 200 PAGE KINDLE EDITION?!


I drove 10 miles to a friend's house to get this book, which she was smart enough to purchase used for a nickel. Worth the drive? Oh yes. This was a great finish to the story we began in The Society.

The whole thing feels familiar, but it's not possible for me to have read this story previously. So I'm not sure what exactly it feels familiar to, you know?

It was corny and cheesy and Delgado gets all mushy and starry eyed around Rowan, who is a totally endearing idiot sometimes. It was so entertaining!

Anyway, I still loved it. I got so absorbed in the story that I left my daughter to chill on her playmat alone for a little too long and found her licking the dog to stave off boredom. Now that's a recommendation if I've ever heard one.