The Alpha’s Minx

The Alpha’s Minx - Natasha  May This is the most poorly edited e-book I've ever had the displeasure of attempting to read. I couldn't even make it through the prologue. Look at this bullshit:

From the beginning I was told no you can't, not good enough, you will never evolve into anything, and of course my favorite. Why don't you just give up now! At the time of course I was eleven and supposed to be going to school, but in fact I wasn't I was actually skipping so I could take care of a mother that didn't work and still felt the need to make sure I knew I was a failure. Oh yes don't forget the father that was never home, and obvi- ously thought the world revolved around him and his needs only, that's a later story.... But for now, Okay so mom helped a little but in all fairness a mother should always take care of her child no matter what. At least that's what I read about in all these stupid random books the neighbor keeps dropping by my door.

Are you fucking kidding me? Now, it might seem unfair to give a book a one star rating after stumbling my way through a handful of sentences, but I don't care - people need to be warned AWAY from this book. Don't even bother. You're gonna need the brain cells that would be thoughtlessly murdered by trying to read this.