Mimosa Grove (Mira)

Mimosa Grove (Mira) - Dinah Mccall I tend to avoid the "ghosts and voodoo of the bayou" stories because they're usually kitschy and play on stereotypes of bayou culture. But I think Dinah McCall did well with this one. She didn't use the stereotypes I see so often but still gave us some realistic characters that are pretty true to the culture.

Again, no mystery when it came to the threat towards our main characters. But there was a secondary mystery with the ghosts that was really interesting. I was shocked at how that turned out, I wasn't even close to guessing the ending.

Both our main characters were Mary Sues... what is a male Mary Sue called? But they were very sweet together. Regardless of their unconventional relationship, I liked them. There was literally zero internal conflict from them over the relationship - they were both in 100% from the beginning and that's always a nice change of pace from the characters that deny their feelings. The supporting characters were great, very lively and believable. The psychic slant was used successfully and generously to further the plot and relationships, which pleased me.

I don't really have any complaints. I really enjoyed this one and I'm only sorry I didn't give it a chance sooner. I've been trying to get through this huge Dinah McCall/Sharon Sala collection and I swear, I thought I skipped the lame ones but it seems I actually saved the best for last. I've given 3.5 - 5 stars to the last handful of her books.

Definitely recommended for those that like a light and fluffy romance with their suspense and mystery.