Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts Book 1)

Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts Book 1) - Kele Moon Way too much sex. I hate the "I'm leaving you for your own good" trope. It was all basically meh.

Except Melody thinking she had to leave town because of her crazy ex. Like, no. You just moved into a town where everyone is an MMA fighter, a UFC champ, or a karate master. Stay where you are, dumbass.

Also, the accents and dialect got worse and worse the further into the book we go. The characters went from southerners to backwoods hicks. I live in Alabama - I'm familiar with the way these people are talking and I promise you... the author seriously missed the mark unless she was trying to write uneducated white trash characters. But she was so inconsistent with it, I doubt that's what she was aiming for.

Would not recommend - if you like fighter romances, there are way better out there.