Tallchief - 'Sharon Sala',  'Dinah McCall' Another 3.5 stars for Sharon Sala. I can't bring myself to say I really liked it, but three stars just doesn't seem like enough. It's... weird, sorry.

My issue lies, as usual, with the heroine. She was wishy-washy and I don't think she tried hard enough. And she was one of those heroines that lives to deny herself happiness. But she was a good person with endearing qualities, so I liked her the more I read.

Our hero was an odd mix of athlete-warrior-artist, but it somehow worked well for him. I don't have any specific draw towards heroes of Native American descent, but I definitely see the appeal now. Phew, he was hot and fierce.

Nice choice of conflict with the secrets, the drama, and the revelation. It's a plot I haven't seen before, though I have a feeling it is because I don't do many long-lost-love stories. Though we do have some mystery as to why there is a threat, the who isn't much mystery. I wish it had been.

As usual, this author is overly wordy. I swear she could have knocked 30 pages off this by not describing the sunset and the spirit of the desert so many times. I liberally skimmed paragraphs about walking down the hallway and ruminating over the past.

But it was still a really good story, so there's that.