The Royal Treatment (Alaskan Royal Family, Book 1)

The Royal Treatment (Alaskan Royal Family, Book 1) - MaryJanice Davidson My cheeks hurt from smiling the whole time I read this. Hilariously ridiculous and fun.

I adored our MCs attitudes. They worked so well together - the nerdy prince David and the tactless American Christina. I think other authors have tried to do the "brash American woman gives high society heart palpitations with her outrageous behavior" plotline, but I have never really gotten into it. Mainly because I really do think Americans - both present and past - are fucking savages compared to the rest of the world, so I don't really find it amusing. However... I think that this alternate-reality Alaska is the one place in the world that Christina actually belongs. She fits in perfectly! David was adorable with his penguins and I liked how his sense of humor matched Christina's in wit, though not volume. And maybe not as laced with expletives. I loved alternate-reality Alaska and how the story was told with flashbacks from a diary. The secondary characters were wonderful, especially Edmund and Nicky. I read this straight through and was laughing nonstop.

I really did love this book. Unfortunately, I'm not sure the rest of the series is for me. I feel like Christina is one-of-a-kind and David has a special quirkiness I'm digging, so the two of them together is why I enjoyed the writing style. I don't think I could handle the same writing style with different characters. Like when I adore a secondary character, but I know I wouldn't want to read the book in which they are the main character.