A Little Fate

A Little Fate - Nora Roberts The Witching Hour - 3 stars
I enjoyed this one, but the climax was a non-event. I mean, the final battle was like 3 sentences long and I'm not even sure how the bad guy was beaten. It was just suddenly over.

Winter Rose - 2 stars
Kinda so-so. Deidre got on my nerves with her fatalistic attitude and "duty, duty, duty" mindset. But the curse, the frozen kingdom, the return of summer... that was really interesting. The story would have been better served with a heroine that wasn't so determined to suffer for the sins of others, though.

A World Apart - 5 stars
I loved this one. Kadra is a medieval demon-slayer from an alternate dimension who goes to modern-day New York City to hunt the demon king. And she is hilariously literal. Her reaction to a television had me rolling with laughter. I also liked how Harper rolled with the punches. I would have really enjoyed this story as a full-length novel.