To the Brink (The Bodyguards, Book 3)

To the Brink (The Bodyguards, Book 3) - Cindy Gerard I kinda hated this story. For the first half of the book, we go back and forth between present day and the past. I really dislike that because it takes me out of the story and throws me back into the past that I don't care about. But whatever, I dealt with it.

What made me really unhappy was Darcy. She thinks she might be in Big Trouble, so much trouble that she calls her Army-ex and then goes for a fucking stroll - alone, in the middle of the night in a third world country where Americans are kidnapped for ransom on the regular.


Fast forward ahead to after she's been rescued (that shouldn't even be a spoiler, you know that dumb bitch got rescued), she refuses to tell Ethan why she's in trouble. She's determined to protect him by not telling him anything and then running off to deal with this problem on her own. Her problem is an international incident. Her problem is way bigger than she can deal with on her own. But she's all "It would be best if I leave." She literally has the clothes on her back and nothing else. She can't contact family because the bad guys are waiting for that. Ethan is literally the only person on the planet she can count on right now, and she's convinced herself that by running away from him, it will protect him and she can then figure out how to deal with a highly connected, murderous, traitor that's working with terrorists to shut Darcy up for good. ARE YOU KIDDING ME.


She was smart enough to call Ethan when she knew she was in trouble, so I can't figure out why she suddenly thinks she can take care of herself. Literally, her plan was to steal Ethan's car and "lay low"... With no clothes, no resources, no way to deal with the traitor and his goons, she would have been dead in hours. Actually, she would have been dead within seconds - she was about to sneak out of his house and run away when goons showed up to kill them both. Even after Ethan saves her life again, she's all "I can do this by myself!" Aaaaghhhh!

Reading this book was very trying. I wanted to know what the traitor was doing and I liked Ethan, so I kept reading. But Darcy was insanely annoying and stupid. Just stupid. I actively hated her.

I wouldn't recommend this book because I really didn't like Darcy, but I'm sure there are plenty of romantic suspense fans out there that wouldn't mind Darcy's behavior.