Blade on the Hunt (Goddess With a Blade Book 3)

Blade on the Hunt (Goddess With a Blade Book 3) - Lauren Dane image

Yet again, Lauren Dane rocks my world with the Rowan Summerwaite Series. I have loved every moment of these books and I'm amped to read the next one.

Rowan and Clive's relationship has reached a new depth after she almost died in the last book. She's stronger, faster, more in touch with the Goddess inside her. And her snarky attitude is fabulously witty and sarcastic. Rowan is one of my favorite heroines and stuffy Clive is her perfect match in every way. I love reading about their developing relationship. I'm also fascinated by Rowan's relationship with her father figure, Theo. He's fucking bonkers and I can't get enough of it.

The action is, as usual, violent but not gorey. And there's plenty of action. Magic and vampires, betrayal and politics... it's all well-written and intriguing. The pacing is on point, keeping you interested from start to finish. It's not constantly intense, but things are always moving.

Unfortunately (though fortunate for readers), the threats haven't been totally vanquished. It's coming at Rowan from both sides now and I'm excited to see where Lauren Dane takes things in the next book.

I would have liked for the story to be longer, of course. The characters are just about to go confront one of the remaining threats and I wish we could have gotten to that in this book instead of the next one. However, the fact that it's saved for the next book indicates that it's gonna be a big deal and for that, I'll gladly wait.

I'd definitely recommend this series - it's one of my favorites and I'd love for more people to fall in love with it.