The Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas - Erin McCarthy, Lori Foster, Katherine Garbera, Kylie Adams, Kathy Love, Jill Shalvis "White Night Christmas" by Lori Foster - DNF
Damn girl, take a fucking hint. I've never seen a woman chase a man so passive-aggressively. She's annoying as hell. How many times does somebody need to say no before she realizes they actually mean it?

"Snowed Under" by Erin McCarthy - 1 star
Lily's magical vagina makes a man believe in the spirit of Christmas. Ridiculous.

"Ms. Humbug" by Jill Shalvis - 3 stars
Cute little whodunit with a prudish workaholic and a fun-loving, but responsible coworker. I liked it, could have made an interesting and juicy full-length novel.

"I'll Be Home for Christmas" by Kathy Love - 2 stars
Reunited lovers story. I liked the secondary characters more than the main characters and felt the hero didn't grovel enough. Meh.

"Seducing Scrooge" by Katherine Garbera - 3 stories
This girl is horrible at blackmailing somebody. And the guy's immediate about-face was unbelievable. Odd, but still enjoyable. It didn't feel very cohesive.

"The Good Girl's Guide to a Very Bad Christmas" by Kylie Adams - Not interested.