Broken (Last Option Search Team)

Broken (Last Option Search Team) - Cynthia Eden Edited below because I have ADD and forgot something important.

I'm probably giving this an extra star just because the meat of the story was located on Dauphin Island, where I grew up. I've gotten breakfast from the bakery countless times, I've snuck onto the golf course in the middle of the night, and I've camped out on Sand Island and dared my friends to see if the lighthouse really is haunted. It was awesome reading about a killer stalking the island I know so very well and have scenes at places I've frequented or only know about because I'm a local. I'll have a hard time not imagining mass graves when I see the golf course next time. Which isn't a bad thing.

Aside from the locale, I really did have a great time reading this story. Cynthia Eden kept me guessing the whole time - as soon as I felt sure I knew who the killer was, she pointed me in another direction and made me doubt myself. The characters were all intriguing with a lot of depth. I had a little difficulty swallowing Gabe's whole "I'll do anything for Eve... anything." vows. They felt a little... well, overly intense and the prose was a bit purple. But I liked Gabe, I really did. He had it rough and spent his time atoning for sins he shouldn't have felt so much guilt for. He deserved the light that Eve brought to his life. And Eve for sure deserved Gabe. Her character development was interesting - I went from thinking she was nobody special, to a snobby heiress, to a psychotic murderer, to a mentally challenged child, to a strong and fierce survivor. It was a rollercoaster, but I liked her the whole time. The supporting characters were all fascinating and I look forward to their stories later on in this series.

I forgot to mention this earlier, so I guess it didn't bother me as much as I originally thought. But at the time, while reading it, it drove me insane. So Gabe says "fucking" a lot, which is fine. But Cynthia Eden has him curse at the wrong time in almost every sentence. At least, wrong for me - it might not bother anyone else. "He needed a fucking cold shower" doesn't flow in the way that "He needed a cold fucking shower" does. Look:

Quote: I want you so much I'm fucking about to explode.
Correction: I want you so much I'm about to fucking explode.
Alternative: I want you so fucking much I'm about to explode.

Quote: Because you fucking gave me pleasure that I won't ever forget.
Correction: Because you gave me fucking pleasure that I won't ever forget.
Alternative: Because you gave me pleasure that I won't ever fucking forget.

Quote: Said fucking screw the police department's rules.
Correction: Said screw the fucking police department's rules.
Alternative: Said screw the police department's fucking rules.

Do you see what I mean? It just doesn't flow right! And now it's back to driving me insane.

I'd absolutely recommend this. It's dark and gritty without being too angsty, the romance is HOT, the characters are intriguing... I don't see how any romance fan could not like this book.