Autumn Thorns (Whisper Hollow)

Autumn Thorns (Whisper Hollow) - Yasmine Galenorn I cannot forgive the awkwardness of using condoms for blow jobs. Why does she insist on using condoms for oral sex? Like, put on a condom, give blow job, put on a new condom, then have sex. WHAT?! That's weird between a couple that's mated for life, right? It's given a few sentences during each sex scene, so it's obviously important to the author for some reason, because neither Kerris or Bryan say anything about it - it's almost like an unspoken agreement. Like, of course you use condoms for blow jobs! And then he went down on her without protection. So I don't even get this. It totally took me out of the story and I actually marked this book as "read" long before I finished so I could open this review box and type "WHY ARE THEY USING CONDOMS FOR BLOW JOBS WHAT THE FUCK MENTION THIS IN REVIEW"... No lie.

Kerris has some TSTL moments, but they're mostly forgivable because she's a total newb and shit's kinda bonkers.

That's why it's not a five star read for me, even though I technically loved it. So really, it's like -0.25 star for the TSTL moments and -0.75 for using condoms for blow jobs what the hell is that even about?! I am unreasonably upset over this. I recognize it's unreasonable. And I don't give a fuck. Out of 1500+ books, most of which have some form of sex in it, I have never read about somebody putting on a condom for a blow job. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

But aside from that WEIRD AS FUCK SHIT, I had a blast reading this. I'm not big on ghost stories, but I really enjoyed the story and found the various types of ghosts intriguing. I also loved the characters, secondaries included. The whole cast will be fun to follow throughout the rest of the series. I would usually hate having to wait a whole year for the next book, but it just means I'll have a chance to read this again right before the second is published. Double dose of Whisper Hollow... aww yiss.

Definitely recommended, though really... wtf is up with using condoms for blow jobs?