Resenting the Hero

Resenting the Hero - Moira J. Moore What the hell did I just read? This is one of those "so bad it's good" books.

I wanted to DNF it a lot because Lee is like, super inept. This is a pretty good example of her:
I studied some maps of Middle Reach and the surrounding areas, just because I thought I should. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but studying maps seemed like the thing to do before heading off on a journey.

She has great intentions, but she is totally clueless in the execution of anything other than her actual Shield magic stuff. She pulled through in the end, but lordy did she stumble a lot on the way. It was embarrassing. She's a total newb, so it's forgivable in the first book. But I'll be very disappointed if she hasn't improved in the next book.

I dislike first person POVs because I never know who to trust because you just KNOW somebody has to be a traitor. I liked Taro, but his character is so obviously tainted by a biased POV. I wouldn't mind a change in POV every once in a while. But the mystery was pretty good and I think it was smart to go super slow on any romance with all the wackiness happening. I'll give the second book a shot.