Unearthed - C. J. Barry I'm so sick of these bitches.

She's kidnapped by somebody. Somebody with a floating robot - not something you see every day. When she wakes up, she thinks she's on a boat. So she plans to jump ship, even though she could be in the middle of the ocean. Then she finds out she's on a spaceship and still tries to escape. What the hell is she gonna do? Jump out of an airlock? Commandeer a spacecraft and fly it home? Like she has any fucking clue how to fly anything or even where home is? No. Once you're on an alien ship, your main goal should be to survive. Escape does not equal survival.

So then they're attacked by other aliens. Aliens that specifically want her... dead. And she's somehow pissed that the guy didn't let her out of her room so she could watch the attack through the front windshield. Bitch, choose your battles!

And then they're on the alien planet, where it's dangerous. IT IS DANGEROUS.
"Oh, please let's go down into the alien shopping center, I wanna see!"
"I'm sorry, it's too dangerous."
So she screams bloody murder, making her pilot think that something is horribly wrong and slam on the brakes. At which point, she jumps out of the fucking hovercraft and hauls ass down a back alley so she can... sing with a street band. WHAT. THE. FUCK. Aliens are trying to kill you because you've got this magical singing voice, so you should definitely draw attention to yourself in the middle of the town square... BY SINGING.

At that point, I'm done. In addition to numerous TSTL moments, this girl is constantly pushing alien dude's buttons. She taunts him, insults him, and tries to piss him off. He needs her, so he can't just outright kill her, but god damn he should have been tempted. I wanted to toss her out of an airlock for being so disrespectful. I understand that you don't exactly want to be nice to your kidnapper, but she knows he doesn't intend to hurt her. She knows he intends to return her after she helps him save A FREAKING PLANET. And come on, his issues are bigger than her desire to cut a record. She has nothing in her life that means anything but a fat ass cat. Embrace the experience, you dumbass! Stop being such a bitch to the people that are currently in control of your life and make the best of it.

Uuugh, it's so frustrating. I need a sci-fi romance where the chick is like "Fuck yeah, outer space - bring it!" I would be totally excited about going to an alien planet. Why can't fictional characters be the same way?