The Consort

The Consort - Ariel MacArran I was really enjoying this until it came time for The Big Misunderstanding and the heroine went freakin' bonkers and was like "You broke my heart, so I'm going to commit genocide against your people!" Ew, no. I don't like her anymore. Way overkill, princess.

Before that craziness, though... The fish out of water theme was done well for both characters. It was interesting to see the Hero stumbling through the cultural expectations of behavior and when the heroine was disowned, I liked how she was entirely clueless as to what to do without a dozen servants because she didn't sit there and have a pity party. She pulled on her big girl panties and tried to find her happiness. That was great.

Minus one star for the heroine being a bloodthirsty bitch at the end, though.