Breath of Fire (The Kingmaker Chronicles)

Breath of Fire - Amanda Bouchet God, when will I learn not to start reading a book at 11pm? It's now 7am and all I can really say is HOLY SHIT.

Say it with me, folks:

I want Cat's magic, but I don't want to be her. Because Jesus H. Christ, she's got some serious responsibilities on her tiny little shoulders. Such a strong character, though. I adore her, even when she's being ridiculously illogical and stubborn. I'd totally take Griffin off her hands, though. Wowzer, that's a hot hunk of man.

I usually don't bother trying to find real-life people to picture as fictional characters like so many people do with YA/NA romance novels, but for some reason I've got these two gorgeous people stuck in my head while reading:

Richard Armitage from Robin Hood and Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs from Rhymes for Young Ghouls

I can't really write a review for this because anything specific would make zero sense to anyone that hasn't read the first book and if you've read the first book, you're fucking crazy if you're not frothing at the bit to read this book. So you don't really need my review. I doubt my reviews have ever convinced anyone to read a book they weren't already interested in anyway.

So let me just say - THAT FUCKING SNEAK PEEK FOR THE NEXT BOOK IS INSAAAANE and I can't wait for January 2018 to roll around. I was really happy that I read the first book so soon after its release because I knew I'd get to enjoy reading it again right before this book came out. And I did - I reread it yesterday before starting this one and again, I adored it.

But that sneak peek, man. Oh god, the next year can't pass quickly enough. I knew that guy was an asshole, but I couldn't even fathom that he was that much of an asshole. *cries* I need to next book right now. I'm not even gonna bother trying to sleep right now because I know there's no way in hell I'll be able to shut my brain down enough for it. *jumping up and down* I'm like a manic depressive, bipolar something or another (no offense) - I'm so pleased with this book, I loved it so so much. But I'm sooo unhappy I'll have to wait A WHOLE YEAR to find out what's going on with that GOD DAMN sneak peek! Kudos to Amanda Bouchet for picking a sneak peek that would have me salivating for the next 365 days. It's cruel - so cruel - but brilliant.

*sigh* Now that I've expended a bit of energy fangirling over this book, freaking out about the sneak peek, and prematurely anticipating the next book, I might actually be able to go to sleep if the damn birds outside will be quiet for five minutes.