Midnight Caller

Midnight Caller - Leslie Tentler This book loses two whole stars because the main character (Rain) should have died every other chapter. I'm not sure I've ever read about a stupider woman in my life. She was constantly disregarding all aspects of her safety and the wishes of those that would protect her. It was beyond ridiculous.

And yes, I'm going to tell you all about it. I'll put it behind spoiler tags, just in case.

First, her house is broken into by a methed-out guy. Lock jimmied, alarm turned off with the code, panty drawer raided, and belongings rifled through, etc. What does she do? She lets the guy stay, see if he wants to talk about it. (I wish he had killed her right then and there. At least given her a beating so she learned her lesson.)

After finding out she's being stalked by a serial killer, the police assign a unit to sit outside her house. But she really wants to see photos of the victims, so what does she do? Sneaks out in the middle of night and hangs around a dark street corner waiting for a taxi. (Stalker guy was watching. He should have killed her then just for being so stupid.)

Somebody breaks into her house again, high as a kite on meth, and attacks her. The police want to know who has access to her house, keys, security code, etc. So what does she do? She decides not to tell the police about the methed-out guy that broke into her house earlier. (The police should have killed her at this moment.)

She's still being stalked by a crazed killer, who may or may not have previously broken into her house and attacked her. But she just has to know more about the mysterious FBI agent. So what does she do? Slips her police protection again to walk through the night to a friend's house. Oh, and her phone is off. (The friend should have killed her here for her stupidity and possibly leading the killer to their front door.)

FBI guy finally finds gets through to her on the phone. It's dark. She's alone. She's being stalked by a psycho murderer. What does she do? "Oh, don't worry, FBI guy, I'm heading home now." (FBI guy should have killed her for being such an idiot.)

She's been kidnapped and taken to a cabin in the middle of Bumfuck Nowhere. But she escapes into the night, hauling ass through the woods. She comes across the one road that leads to the cabin. What does she do? Walks down the middle of the road. (The killer should have killed her right there on the road for making it impossibly easy to find her.)

FBI guy comes to the rescue. He distracts the bad guy, giving her a chance to escape. What does she do? She flings herself at the bad guy, making things ten times worse*. (Both good and bad guy should have joined forces at this moment and killed this dumb bitch.) *I understand sacrificing yourself for a loved one and all that, but come on... grab a fucking chair and bash him over the head, don't just throw yourself at his back.

The only thing that made me like her was that she didn't ever attempt a "I'm leaving you because I love you and this is what I think is best for you" - she always accepted her feelings as a positive thing and didn't give up on her man. That does not negate the utter and total stupidity she showed throughout the rest of the book, though.

The hero was a good hero - dark back story, dry sense of humor, possessive protectiveness, etc. He was a fairly generic hero, though. You've read him a dozen times.

The bad guy was a really good bad guy... I mean, he was fucked up, man. His story is over, but there were a lot of unanswered questions about him that really needed to be addressed. I feel like the author was trying to leave us with a little bit of mystery, but it didn't work out that way and instead the story feels an epilogue short.

The story of the stalker going after the daughter of his obsession and all that... good stuff. But the stupid heroine really drew away from that. Repeatedly. Every time she did something stupid or said something so terribly clueless and naive, I was pulled out of the story with disbelief and annoyance.

I would not recommend this. If you're interested in the author and/or series, I'd suggest the third book in this series - "Edge of Midnight"...