A Council of Betrayal

A Council of Betrayal - Kim Schubert Well, the bloom is officially off the rose, guys. While it's still action-packed murder and mayhem, I'm finding it more and more difficult to look past the things that have slowly bothered me more and more with each book.

The editing errors are starting to piss me off. Some of this is basic "me" or "I" grammar, dammit. The lack of explanation...dear god, what is that!? Like the author has something against tying up plot threads. I'm pretty sure Olivia killing people with a touch is something worthy of a couple paragraphs of explanation. And things happen that I assume will only matter in a future book, because there was less than zero reason to include it in this book aside from further proving how incompetent Olivia truly is.

Unfortunately, Olivia's behead-now-ask-questions-later philosophy and filthy mouth are not enough to save the reader from the truth, which is that she's actually a fucking moron. Every time she walks through a doorway, she's attacked. Every time she goes somewhere alone, she's attacked or kidnapped. Any time she allows an offender to live, they show up to kill her again. She keeps thinking "Maybe I should call somebody before solo stalking a monster in the dark...Naaaah, I'll be fine." And then she almost dies again. She runs around unarmed, getting attacked or starting fights. This bitch never learns from her mistakes! She literally says "I'm always careful" when she is absolutely the least careful, most suicidal, jump-the-gun nutbag I've ever read.

I liked her at first. I mean, any sword swinging murderess that introduces herself with her middle finger before killing everyone is my kinda gal. But after four books of editing errors, TSTL moments, and things from Book One still not being explained...I'm not enjoying this so much anymore.

Honestly, the Goddess With A Blade series and the Guardian Witch series have done this way better. I'll keep my eye out for the next book, but I'm probably done with this series.