Frost Line

Frost Line - Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones 3.5 stars I liked it. I really did. But at the same time, I felt Lenna and Caine were just stumbling around without doing anything for a majority of the book. And though I'm totally down for sexy times, I couldn't really reconcile the amount of sexy times with the fact that THE WORLD IS GOING TO FUCKING END. Like... priorities, you horny bastards. Save the world now, fuck later. And for somebody that has only FIVE days to get shit done, I felt like they said "We'll do that tomorrow" entirely too often. Also, a murderer got away with... murder. Not awesome, Linda and Linda.

Loved the Major Arcane being people idea. That was really awesome and the tarot rarely plays such a large role in a book. If this ends up being a series, I'm definitely reading on.