Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise Book 1)

Fate of Perfection (Finding Paradise Book 1) - K.F. Breene Good lord, this was only 330 pages? It felt like 500. Which is not a complaint at all.

So it took a while for things to get moving, like 10 chapters or so. But then WHAM! We were off to the races and didn't fuckin' stop until the very end. And it was quite an enjoyable race!

At first, I felt like Millicent was... emotionally stunted, but boy was I wrong. She's scary brilliant with the driest sense of humor I've ever witnessed. And Ryker was super alpha, crazy horny, and insanely confident. I loved them both to pieces. But the dark horse was Trent - I absolutely adored his inappropriate diarrhea of the mouth. He was a lovely injection of humor in a very tense and action-filled story. The child is almost a non-entity in this story - almost. She has her own role to play, but I expected a little more page time for her.

Wowzers, this was a fun ride! I dunno how this author has kept herself hidden from me, but I'm a believer! The world building, the characters, the plot - all winners. Breene has a new fan in me.