Queen of Starlight: Sheerspace Book 1

Queen of Starlight: Sheerspace Book 1 - Jessa Slade I quite enjoy the "last of their kind" stories, but they never give me a satisfactory epilogue on what life is like for the last person. It's just like "Oh yeah, they're the last of their race and life will be a whole new adventure for them. The End."

Agh! Motherfuck, that is so annoying.

Whatever. This story... I thought the crystals and bonding could have been better explained to the reader. And I was annoyed that the h refused to explain things to the H, instead letting him operate under dated and ignorant assumptions. It went against her character and I felt the author only wrote it that way to create conflict that wasn't truly necessary. Still, I enjoyed reading it, so don't take my complaints too seriously.