Taken by Tentacles

Taken by Tentacles - Jessie Snow image

This was an Amazon Freebie for Kindle and I just had to read it... I mean, come on look at that title. To make a short story even shorter, Liam gets raped and knocked-up by a giant octopus. But the whole time I'm reading this underwater interspecies rape scene, I'm thinking "HOW THE FUCK IS HE BREATHING?!"

It's not the giant octopus raping and impregnating a human that bothers me, it's the biological heresy of the octopus shoving a tentacle down Liam's throat to provide him oxygen. No. That's too far outside the realm of believability. Is the octopus full of oxygen? Where does the carbon dioxide go? A tentacle isn't a tube. No.

Also, there was an overabundant use of the word "hole"...