Burning for You

Burning for You - Michele Dunaway A little ambivalent about this one. It was a cute little story, but there were a few things that really bothered me.

The continuity was ridiculous. Joe went from 34 years old to 36 years old in a week, then referenced something that happened 20 years ago when he was 12. I have no fucking clue how old this dude is. Some other age issues, too. I feel like an editor or beta reader should have easily caught all these errors.

Taylor was painfully stubborn. Her crazy stalker ex is trying to meet up with her and she's like "Whatever, just ignoring him is best." She doesn't use any social media, she moved apartments, changed her number, got a restraining order... all to get away and protect herself from this guy. She doesn't know how he got her phone number. But is she worried? She'll tell you no, but she really is scared. Not that she's going to do anything about it. Because why should she? Ignoring psychos is always best. *smh* I honestly expected her to get kidnapped and Joe was gonna have to save her. Alas, that did not happen. Would have made the book more interesting if it had, though.

Joe... Joe was kind of a wimp. Overly sensitive and actually a bit meak, even though he's regularly beating dudes up in a boxing ring. Zero self-confidence. It was difficult to like him when I felt like I had bigger balls than him.

There's not much of a plot here. Nothing stood out to me as being all that interesting or entertaining. Taylor takes photos of stillborn babies for their parents to have some sort of memory, which was incredibly touching and really the only part of this story that moved me. I probably wouldn't bother recommending this one.