Abiogenesis - Kaitlyn O'Connor I forgot that the reason I kept avoiding this was because it was a menage. Bleh. Anyway... I had some real problems with this one. Mostly continuity issues. I was constantly thinking "No, that's not right - it directly contradicts something said in the previous chapter." And that really draws me out of the story to leave me confused and annoyed.

The story itself is slow. You're treated to a lot of Dalia, who lacks even the tiniest bit of personality, trying to figure things out in her own head. None of what she ruminates over is important - she never figures things out and nobody ever mentions them again. Honestly, the first half of the book felt like an entirely different story from the second half. They could be completely unrelated stories just cobbled together with a space-travel scene in the middle to explain how characters from Story A got into Story B.

Really, I can't figure out how to review this because I can't figure out what I just read.

Kaitlyn O'Connor consistently gets 2-3 stars or DNFs from me. I'm just not sure I should even bother giving her other works a chance.