More than Money

More than Money - Allison Michaels Another blind read, where I skipped the blurb entirely and just jumped right in. This was kind of a slow burn and there were a few times when I was thinking "Where is this going? Are we just taking a lazy drive through a sugary sweet romance?" But it was such a sweet romance that I wasn't gonna stop reading, I just wasn't sure where we were headed. And then we GOT THERE and the pay-off was the cherry on top.

There's not much character development - these people are who they are from beginning to end. But the characters were lovely. I adored Colette's generosity and kindness, and Ryan was great because he was such a good guy. These two people, and even the secondary characters, were very real to me. Idealized versions of real people, but real nonetheless.

The sex was incredibly steamy and the drama was a bit of quick and dirty suspense. I was taken by complete surprise, though looking back on it I feel like I should have known something was up. I was just too wrapped up in the lives and romance of Colette and Ryan to pay attention.

My only complaint is that there is this 'fate' thing at the very end that I definitely rolled my eyes over. It wasn't necessary and it ratcheted things up from being sweet to being just a little bit corny. But it's not enough to make me alter my rating.

I'm not sure if this is the type of book I would recommend to my friends/followers - I dunno if any of them are into the sugary sweet contemporary romances. But I would say this is an ideal book to relax with in a bubble bath or when you need a dose of sugar to cleanse the palate after a dark and gritty story. I legit feel like I've taken an upper and I'm floating on a cloud of love while puppies frolic around and look at me with heart-shaped eyes. Wouldn't be surprised if a rainbow just burst through my living room right now.