Dying to Please

Dying to Please - Linda Howard So I dunno why I didn't like this book more. I don't feel like it made an impression on me at all. No wait. I'm remembering now.

The grande finale. This book went from "that's a little creepy" to "holy fucking shit, that's nasty!" All in one scene. We're just moseying along... we know something is gonna happen because there is a stalker and a victim and there has to be a climax. That's how books work. And I can't say that the book was intense before that point. I didn't feel tension or suspense, I just knew that the bad guy had to eventually get his hands on the girl before the end of the book. But we took our time getting there. They call it 'build up', but it was 95% of the book.

Then suddenly, Linda Howard turns the intensity up to 11 and blows your mind with a total psycho, ejaculation, whips, rape, menstruation, ropes, drugs, and more.

And then it's over.


I probably wouldn't recommend this, but I'm not really sure why.