Lord of the Storm

Lord of the Storm - Justine Davis I've had this on my "just-can't-decide" list forever, but the cover is so corny that I kept avoiding it. I just knew there were going to be heaving bosoms and glistening abs, long flaxen hair fluttering in the wind...

But it really wasn't bad. I liked the plot and though the hero wasn't as fleshed out as the heroine, I enjoyed them both. I haaated one of the supporting characters with a fiery passion. I was so surprised at the strength of my reaction, too! And I almost wanted to DNF it because I couldn't stand reading much more of her. Thankfully she disappears early on, though.

The struggles the characters went through with each other were well played. I think the author did a nice job of capturing and expressing what the characters would have felt while falling for each other in their circumstances. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! :p

Anyway, I enjoyed it more than I thought and will hopefully someday learn to not judge a book just by its cover.