Ice Red

Ice Red - Jael Wye This is a retelling or adaptation of the Snow White fairy tale. And I think it's fairly well done. The step-mother is sufficiently evil; the heroine is appropriately naive; the "dwarfs" are interesting; the "Prince" is quite charming; the Huntsman is entirely psychotic and scary. And you throw it all into space with a lot of tech and programming geek-speak. Good times!

My only complaint is, as always, the heroine. She's too naive and it doesn't reconcile with her level of intelligence and ingenuity. Even though she's terribly clueless, she's horribly suspicious of anyone being nice to her, like she's jaded. A guy flirts with her and she closes down, brushes off his attentions as empty words spun at every woman he meets. But strange and dangerous things keep happening to her and she can't imagine why.

The one thing I hate about evil step-mother fairy tale adaptations is when the author has the Princess continually strive to gain the step-mother's affections, totally clueless to the fact that the step-mother wants to murder her and eat her heart. That bitch is evil, why do you want her to like you? *sigh*

Anyway, I really did enjoy the story. But I was disappointed to see that the next book in the series features different characters. I think too much was left unfinished and had expected the story arc to continue. I still have a bajillion questions. Like what happened to the Earther slaves? Are they planning on rescuing more now that Bianca runs Eris and has unlimited funds and connections? What happened to Victoria's allies? Are Chan's mom and brother really dead? What about the platinum asteroid out there? Can Bianca actually run Eris? Does Max return to Eris and become a better father to Bianca?

I'd recommend it for those that like sci-fi, fairy tales, romance, romantic suspense, and mild erotica.