The Key

The Key - Pauline Baird Jones Well, that was a good one. First, let me say that this is unnecessarily long. The author really goes into detail about a few things that just don't matter and aren't even interesting. These moments are rare, but they do pop up every now and then, making you think "Just get on with it already!" It takes a while to get going and then it just keeps going. And going. I thought the climax would be just around the corner a dozen times, but then there is another episode and you just have to strap in and go for the ride. Which isn't a bad thing, really. I felt like everything could have been done with a few fewer scenes.

Sara and Fyn are your MCs and they are quite lovely together. I was never able to get a firm picture of Fyn in my imagination, but I'm assuming he's super hawt. ;) Sara is all sorts of kick ass, reminding me a bit of the MC, Ia, in Theirs Not to Reason Why by Jean Johnson. These space-fairing military captain-chicks really do it for me. Her military cohorts were pretty awesome, as well.

The action was believable and intense, though I don't know what the hell wars in space would actually be like anyway.

My only real complaint was that the two different bad guys used the same ploy and the good guys fell for it both times. Like the author felt the ruse was so good the first time, she'd just use it again instead of coming up with a new idea. I can come up with 5 better ideas off the top of my head right now and I'm not a writer in even the most generous sense of the word.

The story itself was awesome. The characters are even awesomer. There is action and romance and betrayal - oh my! And in space, no less! I can't even begin to give you a summary or blurb - too much happens for me to be able to summarize it without major spoilers. But I will say that it is worth the read. The long, long read. Quite enjoyable and exactly the type of story I wanted to read.