Soul Song

Soul Song - Shona Husk Oh, did you think this was a story? It's not. It's an extended blurb. This isn't even a chapter's worth of story. I'm not sure why the author even bothered to release it. It's free, so it's not like it's a waste of money. But it will feel like a waste of 10 minutes because there is no resolution of any sort. You meet Jedda, listen to her bemoan her job and single status. Then Oran walks up to her, they kiss, then they meet at her office the next morning. THE END.

It's not like I expected a seriously fleshed out story. Maybe something more like a teaser to get you interested? This didn't even do that. I'm pretty sure this could be best described as a "deleted scene"...

PS: Whoever did this cover artwork should be immediately informed that there are art programs and software that are more advanced than MSPaint. Atrocious.