The Kitchen Witch

The Kitchen Witch - Annette Blair Really should have paid closer attention to the reviews before trying this one.

Melody, who may or may not be a witch - she doesn't seem to think or know she is and has done nothing to indicate that she is - is a moron. I mean, she's kind of a cute moron, but not cute enough to make me put up with her. She's adorable when it comes to the couple of scenes she has with Shane, Logan's son. I'd totally finish reading if this story was about a little boy making friends with the ditzy neighbor witch. Alas, it's not. And Melody is a shitty romantic lead matched with another shitty romantic lead.

Logan is, as another reviewer so succinctly put it, a jerkface. And Melody has this... expectant quality about her. She expects Logan to get her the cooking show job when she said absolutely nothing to indicate that she wanted it. She expects Logan to haul her belongings. She expects everyone to ignore the fact that her food isn't edible. She expects a lot of others and seems to charm her way out of everything.

And I didn't even finish the book. It can only get worse from here. Maybe she really is a witch and her magical ability is to be able to charm and bullshit anyone. Anyone but me.