Troubled Waters

Troubled Waters - Sharon Shinn I'm really not sure why I thought there would be mermaids in this book... but I did. And I was disappointed. But, since I can't find anything to indicate why I thought there were mermaids, I cannot in good conscience fault the book for not having mermaids. Anyway...

Here's my problem(s):

#1. It took 116 pages to get anywhere in this story. Lots and lots of meandering. Reading this story was like a rollercoaster, constantly going up and down from "sorta interesting" to "move the fuck on already!" We spend like 3 chapters just going through the everyday life of Zoe living on the river. That nonsense was necessary, but it should have been much more condensed. We waste so much time on "she did this, then she did that" details that do not matter, I wanted to give up every other chapter.

#2. Zoe. The MC. The heroine. Let me just say... what the fuck? This girl comes into enormous amounts of power and makes no attempt to control herself, rein in her temper, or even be nice. She almost killed a shit ton of people... more than once! But everyone just forgives her because why? No valid reason other than "Well, it wasn't the worst thing you could have done." And she's god damn rude to the only person in the palace that doesn't hate her. Cutting off your nose to spite your face, much?

#3. The ending. Boom, it's done. It's not a cliffhanger, as the last few paragraphs give you a good idea of what the future of the kingdom will look like. However, it's so very anti-climactic and just kinda... unimportant, that you're left not really sure it's actually the end. Did an epilogue get cut off? Shouldn't there be just a teeny bit more? Nope.

I can't figure out why Zoe is so special. Why are her special powers so important to the kingdom aside from having the whole collector's set of primes? And seriously, couldn't her magic blood voodoo be medically beneficial to the sick king? Apparently not. That would have been way cooler.

I'm just not impressed. At all. I was extremely disappointed in Zoe's behavior. Obviously "with great power, comes great responsibility" is not a known phrase in this kingdom. The romance is like, the slowest romance ever witnessed and entirely unsatisfying.