Close Liaisons

Close Liaisons - Anna Zaires I just can't. I'm seriously disliking the heroine and the hero hasn't done anything to endear himself to... anyone (not the reader or the heroine). It's tedious, reading about somebody you dislike so much. I cannot stand the contrary thought process this girl has.

"He's an evil alien! He's going to rape me! Of course he isn't actually attracted to little ole me! He's so dreamy! He's gonna rape me! Ugh, I bet he slept with all those women and so I hate them! He's gonna rape me! Aliens are evil! Oh, he's so solicitous! He's gonna rape me! *orgasm* Rape!"

I've already made it through the first sex scene. And we've all read a scene of a virgin being deflowered before. This author did not write an appealing scene. At all. It was incredibly painful to read. I couldn't imagine feeling anything but anger and bitterness towards a guy that treated my first time like that. Jeezus! I mean, it really did come across a little rapey. Just sayin...