Honour - Viola Grace I tend to skip reviewing these books because a) there are so many of them, and b) you already know if you're interested or not - my review won't sway you.

But this one was really messed up. The author obviously lost her thread here and doesn't really manage to connect things very well. Things are moving along just fine and then suddenly it's like we're in a different book, the plot changes so drastically.

Aside from the dubious consent, we also get a scene reminiscent of the tree rape from the Evil Dead movie. No part of having sex with a tree it hot, especially not vines going up your hoohah. And then this creepy as graveyard kinda thing. It was horribly disjointed.

But the kicker is the fact that the author's explanations for how things are possible make no fucking sense. Plant splicing, being born from pods, etc. It could have easily made sense, but I feel like the author chose not to research it enough to form a coherent explanation. Though it's entirely likely that, since she releases 2 novellas every 2 weeks, she simply doesn't have time to research it.

This was probably my least favorite book of hers. It was kinda gross and poorly written. She can do way better.