Christmas Goose

Christmas Goose - Zenina Masters I just read another book by this author (under another name) the other day and was almost horrified at how terrible it was. It was gross, poorly written, and basically just nonsense. I knew the author could do better.


These aren't amazing books. They all have the same formula, very little drama, and though they're original, they all feel similar. Not complaining, just saying. But this time, the author really delivered. This was the best out of all eleven books in this series. She strayed from her usual formula and actually gave us some drama and interesting backstory. You get to watch the characters fall for each other and the MC grow. And in a story this short, that's saying something.

Unfortunately, reading this story without reading the previous ten would be kinda confusing. So I can't recommend it without recommending the whole series. Just don't read them all at once or you'll be sick of it by the 5th book.

So yeah, this was an adorable story. Zenina Masters' (Viola Grace) best in this series. I really hope her next novella is another departure from her usual formula, because she fucking nailed it this time.