Removed - S.J. Pajonas I got this book for free as a giveaway from BookLikes. So no promises were made to write a review. However, that's not my style. I like to review everything I read, even if I only read a few pages. But this is written in first person. I wish I had known that before entering the giveaway, because there is probably somebody else out there that would actually read and enjoy this book. They should have gotten it instead of me.

Alas, that will have to wait until I find somebody interested in it. Until then, I did skim over quite a bit of the book to get a feel for it. I found the writing to be quite casual and simple. No purple prose here. Not even lavender. Short, direct sentences. Some of which barely make sense because they're so simple. However, the casualness (if that's even a word) makes it okay. It's easy to get into the head of this 20-year-old because that's how 20-year-olds think. They don't think in purple prose.

I have a feeling I would quite enjoy this if I weren't so opposed to first person narratives. And I feel kinda bad about that, because I know I'm probably missing out on many great stories due to that. I hope I can find somebody that will enjoy this book, because I'm the wrong person to read it.