Walk on the Wild Side

Walk on the Wild Side - Christine Warren I liked almost everything about this story.

The main character Kitty is kind of a moron. Five near-death incidents are apparently coincidences. Your spoiled rotten half-siblings won't mind finding out you're the lost heir to their multimillionaire father. Normal people get shot at all the time in Vegas. Sure, maybe in Kittyland. It was difficult to like her for the first part of the book. She was rude and scared and painfully ignorant while being stubborn and insulting. Her character development was appropriate, though. From starting where she did, I think she came a long way by the end. And her love, Max, was a great hero. Stern, possessive, protective, gentle, with a sharp wit and a charming smile. I wish we had another scene or two with Martin, he didn't get nearly as much page time as he deserved.

The plot itself was great, though we spent a lot of time trying to kill Kitty instead of preparing her for the deadly world she was entering. And while there was a teensy bit of shifter politics, there wasn't a lot of time spent with Leos in shifted form. That would have been kinda cool.

Anyway, really good story. Just remember, when Kitty starts to drive you nuts, push on through because she'll get better!