Loving Cara

Loving Cara - Kristen Proby A four-star review on a book written in first person, present tense. This is very rare. I can't even think of something rare enough to compare it to so you'd know how truly rare it is.

Going back and forth between the two main characters' POV in present tense kept the story moving quickly, which was really helpful in keeping me distracted from reading something I'm not used to. Both characters were enjoyable and well developed, but I had issues with the female MC being kinda weak and full of self-doubt. Not a lot, but enough that she didn't really fit. That type of person wouldn't do well as a teacher or a rancher, to be honest. Our male MC was de-lish-us, but I'm biased towards tall, dark, and handsome ranchers.

This book probably gets an extra half star from me just because the snobby bitch trying to start trouble finally got bitched out by both main characters! So often, we get the "prettier-jealous-ex-causing-trouble-for-the-heroine" trope where the heroine doesn't confront the ex-bitch. And even less often will the hero actually confront to ex, too. We got both in this book and it. was. epic. It was fun to see the ex get what was coming to her in a very public and embarrassing scene.

I wish we had gotten a little more information on the secondary characters, aside from those that will obviously be the focus of future sequels (two possible couples introduced). I mean the supporting cast, I suppose. The parents, the ranchhands, the locals, etc. A couple things happened off-page that could have been exciting, but maybe the author wanted to keep the story lighter.

Overall, I have few complaints and those that I have are pretty minor and didn't keep me from enjoying the book. I never once thought to DNF it and that's damn near a glowing recommendation from me. I would recommend this book for people that like light-and-fluffy rancher romances.

Oh! And the sex was steamy. This book gives good sex.