Burn for Me

Burn for Me - Ilona Andrews 4.5 stars I really liked this one... I'm so upset it's over. I could have easily enjoyed another 100 pages and if the sequel were available right now, I'd buy it and read it immediately.

I loved Nevada and Rogan. Their chemistry was off the charts. Nevada is strong and witty, with a bit of a kind heart. And Rogan is... Rogan is... quite possibly a psychopath. But he's a dreamy one. It feels weird to like this anti-hero so much, but I couldn't help myself. He was damn sexy. His banter and bickering with Nevada seemed to give him a little enjoyment in a not so enjoyable life. I felt kinda bad for him, like he was just so misunderstood and he's not really a bad person. The authors did an awesome job of making me like a character I would usually hate. Nevada was also well-written - she didn't fall into the usual TSTL over-confident and clueless female private investigator role I've seen all too often. She was a highly entertaining narrator and I had no complaints about her behavior, reactions, attitude, etc. It was refreshing to not hate the main female character for once.

This book has quite a bit of action in it. Like, destruction of neighborhoods action. And gun action. Armored cars and tank action. Then you add some magic action in there, too. Lots of action. And you don't have to understand all of it to enjoy it. The world isn't fully built, the rules of magic aren't described at length, so there are some things that just happen without lots of background information on it. I liked it. It leaves a lot of leeway for future developments. And sometimes I like having to simply accept things without worrying about the 'whys'. It was a little weird to be immersed in this magical reality and have things like Instagram and Tumblr thrown into the mix, though. There's even mention of Mad Rogan fanart and fanfiction. Whoa there, Ilona Andrews... little too close to home there, folks. Though after reading the rest of the story, I can kind of understand why somebody would write fanfiction about him.

So Nevada and Rogan are trying to stop a bad guy from going supernova-pyro and burning the whole city to the ground. Basically. I don't want to spoil it. Anyway, the bad guy was hard to get a read on. You don't really know why he's doing what he's doing, so you're not sure how much you should dislike him. Is he a mastermind that wants to kill everyone? Or a mislead patsy that doesn't know what's happening? Total disconnect from reality? Even in the end, when he gets his moment to do his Villain Monologue™, you kinda get his reasoning, but it doesn't feel right. There's something off about it, like that's not the whole story or he thinks he's telling the truth, but he doesn't know the actual truth. The story ends on a note that supports that feeling, explaining a bit more and setting up a lead-in to the next novel. But you still really don't know why the bad guys are doing their bad stuff.

Whatever, I still loved it. I look forward to the next novel... and rereading this one.

Edit: I finished the book and wrote this review over four hours ago. At least a dozen times since then, I've thought "I need to wrap up whatever I'm doing and go back to reading about Nevada and Mad Rogan. Oh wait... I finished the book already. Huh." It's fucking weird, okay?