Romancing the Duke

Romancing the Duke - Tessa Dare Okay, just a couple small issues.

This is quite obviously a historical romance, but the historical part seems a bit off. Because I really don't think that there were LARPers in Regency England. And authors of the 19th century certainly didn't have fanclubs. These are very modern developments and totally out of place in this time period.

Does it matter in the end? Hell no. This was still an insanely enjoyable read with characters you can't help but love. It's got a bit of a Beauty & the Beast feel to it and I love me some fairy tale adaptations.

I really enjoyed Ransom's (not a name you find in HRs, right?) repeated mispronunciations of Moranglia. I think "Mudpuddlia" was my favorite.

I'd recommend this for all my friends/followers who enjoy historical romances but can look past some major discrepancies for the sake of humor.