Baehrly Breathing

Baehrly Breathing - Elizabeth A. Reeves This was a really cute story, but I think I'm going to leave the rest of this series alone. I'm not big on love triangles, especially those drawn out over numerous books. I would definitely recommend this book and, if you're okay with love triangles, I'd probably recommend the rest of the series. The author writes a highly amusing and intriguing story and I'm sure she continued to do so throughout the other books.

My only complaint, aside from the love triangle (which isn't so much a complaint, it's just not my thing), is that it's written from Goldie's POV and I think the story would have really benefitted from hearing Donovan's voice every now and then. As it was, both Kodi and Donovan are a little too much of a mystery for me. Maybe if I got some of Donovan's POV, I'd be attached to him enough to continue reading the rest of the series.

But it's good to know that if I'm ever at a total loss for reading material, I can fall back on the rest of this series.