Bay's Mercenary

Bay's Mercenary - C.L. Scholey This is going to sound weird, but stick with me. The story isn't anything special, but at the same time... it's totally unique. And it's not unique in a bad way. But it's kinda ridiculous, so it's not exactly unique in a good way, either. Let me try to explain a little bit.

Earth is basically kaput and our MC, Bay, escaped for the safe haven of another planet. That planet wasn't so much a safe haven as it was a battlefield and poor Bay is kidnapped - because of... reasons... - and hauled off to be beaten, starved, and then sold at a slave market as a pet. Enter Blu, a Zargonian (or something, I've already closed the file), who's like "I should buy my brother a pet to replace his recently deceased one and this little bald thing will do nicely. SOLD!" Blu takes Bay back to his home planet - after a humiliating chapter of her being treated like a pet with a nose-bops for bad behavior and everything - and dumps her off on his brother Zane's doorstep. Zane has a son, who Bay now... belongs to.

But what is this? Zane's getting turned on by the family pet! That just won't do. Bay finally reveals that she's not a pet, but an intelligent human and bam - let's fuck. Oookay.

*nods* The set up is outrageous. But at the same time, it's entirely plausible. I would not at all be surprised to find out that some aliens keep humans as pets and have no idea we're intelligent beings. And that's what kept me reading. It's like Zane was a human that had found a stray dog... but had never seen a dog before, I guess.

The world that C.L. Scholey created here is weird, but also plausible. The warring sexes and the reasons behind their behavior, though strange and alien, were understandable. Scholey's odd society was interesting, regardless of the fact that most humans would hate it.

The sex scenes, though numerous, were uninspired. Zane actually talks about how sex with another woman felt as he was climaxing inside Bay. *blank stare* Yeah. YEAH. But their relationship was believable and kinda cute. Zane's total bafflement at being around a female was highly entertaining and watching a hardened warrior turn into a vulnerable boy was amusing.

It's a fairly short story, but it ends with the Zargonians searching for more humans to save from various threats and hopefully mate with. So I'm assuming the story continues, probably focusing on one of the other warriors finding his twue wuv.