Skin Deep

Skin Deep - J.M. Stone The story itself was fine, but the narrator (Emma) is incredibly stupid and annoying.

Overly wordy, the author even felt the need to add an adjective to every single noun in the book. We spend entirely too much time on mundane daily living like washing the dishes. "At first we did this, and then we did that, and then somebody said this, and then we did something else, and then I went to the bathroom, and then we watched a movie. And then, and then, and then." Erg!

And in Emma's terribly vain and humblebraggy sort of voice, it was entirely too much. We spend like four paragraphs on her explaining that she's fat, but not fat fat, and while she might have to wear a size 14 every now and then, it's only because she's bloated from PMS, she swears! I would have preferred a break from her nonsense and and the chance to peek into Luke's POV.

I think the first person POV really didn't work here. The author decided to use her narrator to explain and describe every little mundane thing. And then failed to have her narrator explain her actions in any way, even though she is addressing the audience informally quite often.

I skimmed the hell out of this book. I can't say I'd recommend it, but I wouldn't smack it out of your hand if I caught you reading it.