Hardship - Jean Johnson *sigh* Well, that was different. Not bad, but different.

I'm used to Ia being covered in blood, shouting orders and confusing her soldiers. This book was not filled with bloody battles and the like. It was much more about political maneuverings and Feyori meddling. Still a damn good story, but I did miss my Bloody Mary a bit. I also would have enjoyed a bit more Meyun and Helstead - this book was mostly Ia on her own, dealing with problems wrought by fellow Meddlers and officers. I missed the three of them together and their rapport.

It's hard to review this book as it's technically a part one of two, the second part being the fifth and final book in this series. The plot is sorta in limbo right now. Fortunately, I only have to wait until December to find out how this all ends. I've got so many questions about the Savior, the Fire Girl Prophecy, The Immortal, etc. I hope they're answered before it's all said and done. If anyone can do it, it's Jean Johnson.