The Survivors

The Survivors - Dinah McCall, Sharon Sala So I gave this one another shot and I'm kinda on the shelf about it. The plot was interesting, though entirely unrealistic. The characters were fine... none of them had a lot of back story or development, probably due to the fact that there were seven main characters. Everything was just kinda average, even the psychic slant was a non-event. But what kills me is the way it was written. Jumping back and forth, sometimes for just a paragraph, to focus on the various characters was exhausting. Thank heavens it wasn't written in first person, or I would have lit my Kindle on fire.

The plot... *sigh* I'm sorry, but an injured, starving, dehydrated, underdressed man does not survive stumbling around on a frozen mountainside in a blizzard for a week. This man would have been dead. If not dead, immobile. He would not be traipsing around in the cold fighting off mountain lions and shooting people with perfect aim. Especially when you take into account that we're talking about a politician, not a Marine. Every time this guy didn't fall off the side of a mountain (which he did eventually do and survive), I couldn't fuckin' believe it.


Also, the ridiculous idea that after years of living on a secluded mountainside, this woman doesn't have a satellite phone? Bitch, I have a satellite phone and I live a block away from the busiest intersection in a city of a quarter million people - the fire station is literally a walk around the corner. I don't believe for a second that these people can watch TV in a blizzard, but can't reach civilization through some means of communication. And don't even argue that her being psychic negates her need for help, because obviously that's not true or there would be no danger and no story.

There are plenty more moments where you just have to be like "Uh, whatever..." and move on, but I have too much else to complain about to keep going on.

That brings me to the main characters... all seven of them. And with so many generations of O'Ryans, I had no idea who was who aside from the kid. So you've got Johnny, the kid. His dad, Evan. And then his dad, Mike. And then... his dad, James? And then his dad, Thorn? What the fuck? And apparently they're all reproducing at the earliest they possibly could. Thorn stays behind and doesn't go traipsing across the snowy mountain, but that still leaves us with Johnny, Evan, Mike, and James. And then Deborah, the psychic. And Molly, the girl that saves Johnny. And Darren, the killer. Damn, that's a lot to keep track of... especially when most of the men call somebody "Dad" a few times. I'm like "Which one?! They're all Dad!"

Because there are so many people to keep track of, jumping around to focus on all of them individually makes no sense. We go from Deb to Molly to Evan, then to the sheriff down the mountain, then Mike, then Darren. And then to a Search & Rescue member, then to James, then Deb, some guy in the woods with nine kids, then an FBI agent, then Evan, then Molly, then some loan shark across the country, then Deb. And sometimes it's for a couple pages, or a few paragraphs, or just a single paragraph. It's physically exhausting. I know nothing about these characters aside from Darren being a killer/politician, Deb is psychic and milks cows, all the O'Ryans (except the kid) are military and breed early, and Molly was a nice person. That's it. I feel harried after reading this book.

Dinah McCall/Sharon Sala has written some great stories and some horrible stories. This one is very middle-of-the-road for me. It's not bad, but I don't want to call it good, either.

May 24, 2014:
There is a lot of jumping around from person to person. The psychic, some guy that hasn't shown up again, a victim, a grandpa, a father, some politicians, an eavesdropper, a killer, the psychic, the father again. And I think I'm still in chapter two. This is tedious. Once I get into a scene, I've sorta forgotten what happened two POV's ago because I've been in too many different heads since then. I dunno if that makes sense to you, but it makes sense to me.

The story itself has barely started and I'm interested, just too bored for this right now. So I'm putting this on my shelf to try again instead of DNFing it.