The Healer

The Healer - Sharon Sala Oooh, I loved this one. Jonah was a much more fleshed out character than Lucia, but the story really was about him. Usually these romances focus on the women, so this was a little different as we spent most of our time with the man but still got plenty of Lucia.

The story was simple. Man on the run meets woman in fear, they fall in love, somebody gets kidnapped, threats are vanquished and they all live happily ever after. It was the characters and the paranormal slant that made this more enjoyable. Though the paranormal slant wasn't explained at all, you just have to accept that that's what happened and screw finding out why.

You could, if you reeeally wanted to, say there is a religious tint, but I don't think the author meant for that to happen. I think that's just the way she wrote the rural southern characters (which is spot on).

I'll definitely look into some of Sharon Sala's other books.