Virgin Encounter (Magic Juice 1)

Virgin Encounter (Magic Juice 1) - Jessie Jasen A prologue is entirely unnecessary for a "book" with two chapters. The fact that it's one sentence makes it doubly unnecessary.

Horrible editing - Even the second sentence of the book is missing a word. Tons of missing commas.

Repetitive - Yes, it was crazy that you bragged at your bachelor party about your cheating ways, but you don't have to tell us that multiple times on one page. Especially when you're also calling other stuff crazy, too. This was crazy, that was crazy, this was crazy, too! Was it crazy? Was it?

Disgusting - Halfway through being raped by an alien monkey (the book cover is very deceiving as the men are furry), the virgin says "I want to surrender to you and have you take me whole." as she turns into a raving sex maniac.

I'm done at 56%.